Ranking: How it works

How does the SnapReview ranking system work?

At SnapReview we believe in keeping things easy and simple. Above all, we believe that Review Systems should be one hundred percent transparent to all users involved form the person leaving the review to the businesses receiving the review.

An important aspect of review systems is the ranking that is used in order to determine the order from the most favorite to the least. At SnapReview the raking is the heart of our system and what we present is a dynamic ranking system where the ranking changes depending on user preferences inputted into the system. After all, the Nº1 raked business may be good for one person, but not the next.

However, this does not mean we are going to hide in secrecy some strange algorithm that nobody understands or is capable of calculating. We are not going to apply some secret formula that makes no sense. We are not going to do that which is not fair. What we have done, is presented the simplest system possible. Our rankings have two rules, making it possible for anyone to add up the numbers and calculate the rankings themselves:

  • Business rankings are based on the total average percentage of all the reviews. If someone has the same percentage, the higher ranked one will be the one with the most items reviewed.
  • SnapReview will only consider the last two years of reviews of any business.

Yes, it’s that simple! This way, no one will wonder how a business can be ranked where it is. If you want to know, just do the math! Simple and transparent, that is what we area all about.

At SnapReview our purpose is to be FAST - FUN - FAIR.